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Therapeutic applications:

  • May be of assistance in relieving sleeplessness and insomnia.
  • Passion Flower is traditionally used in medicine for relief of insomnia.
  • May be beneficial in times of stress and for the symptomatic relief of anxiety.
Are you Stressed or Anxious? Why not try a new product on the market based upon a milk protein. Maybe of help to relieve nervous tension, stress and anxiety. The product is Ethical Nutrients Stress and Anxiety Relief - available on line from us.

- Join our Vitamin Club to enjoy savings when you purchase vitamins and minerals from us. If you would like to find out more then please e mail us and we will fill you in on the benefits of joining our Vitamin Club.-With Winter upon us the need to boost our immune system increases. There are a number of herbal/vitamin preparation on the market but not all o...
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